Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nothing hotter...

There truly is nothing hotter then watching the guy ur with fuck another I know its not most peoples cup of tea but look past the jelously bull shit and just sit back and watch. I write this because im in a long distance relationship and its open. But im a nympho I like sex, talking, doing, thinking watching it dosent have to be me in all those senarios. I just enjoy. So my guy sends me a few videos, im watching my HM fuck this girl so good her tittys are bounching all over the place. Its funny because just watching her tits bounch takes my mind back to feeling his cock throbing inside me my boobs.bounching all around as I was about to cum and my pussy would contact around him as I did. This video was better then porn more personal, not only did I get to see him fuck an awsome chick but it made me want his cock even more. Its the ultimate tease. Not only do I want to fight her for his cock and attention, but I want to eat her out and make sure I have her attention too. I can't wait for a new threesome. I also am so turned on by hearing her and my HM about to cum. Listing tio them get closer....makes me tighten my pussy just thinking about it. Teehee. So I got I loved tonight was awsome can't wait to hear all the details.

Stay dirty,
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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Who do u belong to?....

So after a recent location change and a ending (sorta) of my long term fwb relationship with Im on the hunt for new meat so to speak. And I found said meat in my newest peeping tom neighbor. He happened to get a great show of my ass one day, when I was getting something out of the truck in a dress. so for this blogs sake he will be known as peeping tom pt for short. But this post really isng about him alot, its about the fact that while making out with pt and having him massage and kiss my brests the thought that turned me on the most, was the fact that my left breast has a bruse left from a last fun rough night with mr. hm. It turned me on that even though pt was sweet and his hands were caressing me right there was nothing he could still owned my ass, I was still his dirty little slave while that mark is on my breast. It was a huge turn on, to have that slave thought come out of no where really....but to know for this night he still will never be topped. ....

Still dirty girl...

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

OPps !!

Sorry I guess my phone accidently put a kids video on here sorry people not my ideal there. That app makes it easy to do that by mistake. again sorry. :) stay sexy people. update posts to come soon Promise.


Friday, February 25, 2011

let me bitch a little and ill be ur little bitch :)

So first off my computer needs fixed so this post via cell. Auto text might take over will try to catch all the mistakes before I publish but I am human. I know I'm due for a new post on the 3 some and/or a post on how I love sucking dick. But before I do that I'll like to talk about a few things that have come up. ( don't worry boys, "that" can come up all it wants here lol ;) )

1. My blog is.not made up stories. They are real life my experinces. The only things that won't be real are rhen I talk about my fantasys which are really mine but have yet to happen. So please don't message nge asking are they true. Or argue with me that I made them up, what's so hard to belive that I've had a 3 some they are pretty common ...but I'm not forcing you to belive..(even though a few of you id like to tie up and force....woah! Getting off track sorry :p)

2. A lesson for all of you, flaky people are not sexy!!! I try to never promise anything I can't bring to the table (or on the table if you insist). Just because its a plan to fuck a person dosent mean you need, to be rude or disrespectful! If ypu can't make it call text, something. Don't just disapear. I have no respect for people that are flakes. I was taught, your word is who you are. If I can't trust ur word, I can't and won't trust you. And I need,a little trust there to fuck ur brains out lol. I've lost multiple 3somes because people never showed. Myself and the other person were not only sad that the 3some didnt happen but also felt our time, and intrest disrespected. I get life happens things come up hell people get cold feet and change there minds. I just want a simple text asap saying its off so I'm not there waiting on them for nothing. Itd not kool and deffintly not sexy!!

Alright, now that I've gotten that out of the way :) I feel better still could use a good fuck but that's always true teehee.

Don't forget I love ur comments don't be afraid to leave them.

Forever your little bitch
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Friday, February 4, 2011

Pt.2 as promised ;)

Three Mouths,Two sets of tits, One cock, and one bed what more could I ask for ?
So were all naked, Me and Playmate on the bed. Mr. HM on the right side of the bed. Mr.HM had me lay on the bed, he knelt down next to the bed, my legs spread open to him. He let his tongue work its magic..(and might I say he is very, very gifted with his tongue, getting wet thinking about it) He nibbled lightly at my inner thighs over the marks left from previous more dominating fun me and Mr.HM had one on one days before. What can I say the guy knows what my buttons are and how to push them...and I love it. While he was down on me making me bite my lower lip. I had Playmate with me caressing my breasts knowing just how to touch them. How to kiss me with those soft feminine lips of hers. Then it was her turn as Mr. HM moved his attention to her as he started on her and we both knew she enjoyed it..He hit her spot, right on. as I kissed her and caressed her back. He was more gentile with her as her buttons are different then mine. She is more vocal then me and clearly let her pleasure be known. I loved kissing her and just after our lips fell apart from each other she would let a sound of pleasure be said that was so hot to me! ...Then Mr. HM asked for me to get a taste of her...

Nerves of a First Timer, Tongue of a Pro...
This is the part where my heart starts pounding faster, I was nervous what if I did this wrong. Tell just recently I didn't like oral done to me. How could  I pleasure another girl if i still didn't know what I liked down there. I took a deep breath and thought of her breast and how I wanted to kiss on them after this... I let my tongue explore her going straight for her clit. I was amazed my mouth was on auto pilot my tongue felt at home. She was sweet to taste... I was intrigued at how her pussy was so much alike and different then mine. Once I found that button of hers .. I felt her quiver in pleasure .. and I loved it. I felt myself being played with ..being touched. It was sensory over load the smell of all of us together ....her soft gurly skin. along with Mr. HM who's touch was framiliar and knew where to go... Her sweet taste ... All of that alone was a recipe for me to cum. Not to mention the sensations of everyone getting played with.  After I stopped and we changed into new positions she comments on how I must of lied about this being my first time with a girl.... Had to tell her a few time that night that nope she was my first. I guess if your good at giving head it transfers over to pussy too! Know I could pleasure a girl with my mouth made me wet..(it makes me wet thinking about it now)...

The Pleasures on Him
So then we had Mr.HM lay on the bed, Playmate let me get the first action with him. She knows I love to pleasure him with my mouth and it had been a while since I last got to, and my mouth missed his cock so terribly. So I licked my lips ( just did now thinking about damn him) and I started to slowly kiss the head of his cock gently letting my tongue go in a light circle on it. I let my warm breath tease it. I start to suck on it my tongue playing with it at will. But didn't want to be greedy, I let playmate have a turn, as I start to play with his balls with my hands...occasionally letting one hand ride up to his nipples (which are pierced) grabbing them between my fingers. Watching her suck his cock was such a turn on.. a little part of me got jealous and wanted that mouth to be my mouth on him and soon enough it was... It became an unspoken game to please him as best we could as I started to suck him off, Playmate started to suck on his balls and both of us started doing everything we could to get him off. I loved tasting her spit on him ... something about it was like a taboo, but a huge turn on to me... it drove me wanting to pleasure him more..

The only thing that would of made this even better was if Mr.HM had not been so eager, a week or so before hand to get his cock pierced.. since he was still healing. it  was limited the way we could pleasure him, and how far we could take this 3 some. But its ok I'm sure that once its healed it will be reason to try this out again. :)

There is still more will update soon but I like to leave you all hanging

Thursday, January 27, 2011

This Nympho Gets Her Biggest fix Thus Far...

So for the past 3days (give or take) I have been living off the amazing endorphin fueled, horny-ness driven, memory's of my first threesome encounter. It's been on my FUCK IT list ( like a bucket list for sexual stuff) for the longest time. I have always thought girls were hot and wanted to play with there titty's but never had the chance well this threesome gave me my first girl/girl interaction. OMG my panties are still drenched just with thoughts alone.  Whoa now I know I'm getting carried away a little here. I will try to tell you the over all info of how it all went down but just know I might get some of what happened out of order. Because I wasn't so focused on what happened when, rather then what happened to me..her and him. lol.

Who's who's ?
For the sake of keeping things simple and privet I never tell my partners name this is my wanting to share not theirs so that said, I will give them all nicknames. They may or may not know their name but I'm sure they could figure it out lol. In this amazing escapade I was joined by Mr.HM a great FWB (friends with benefits), and Playmate an old childhood friend who admitted to me she was bi and well sleepovers will never be the same again lol ;). Now that we got the names down, I know you want the gritty details.

I was so nervous before hand I knew how to please Mr.HM, I have been for weeks. But Playmate ..she would be my first girl and I wasn't sure what she liked. I honestly didn't know if I should play with her like I do myself would she like that ? All that anxiety over fingering!! Can you believe it? I wont even go into all the nerves over eating her out ..would I do it right would my lovely dick sucking lips come in handy there or get in the way? I had no clue for the first time in a long time I felt like the virgin..unsure and wanting to be awesome. It also doesn't help we haven't hung out in a long time and I just didn't know what she was like anymore. She doesn't drive so I picked her up early and as we waited for Mr. HM to get off work. We sat in my room getting ready her trying on clothes and getting dressed up for our fun night. Having her get naked in my room while I was there didn't help my nerves or my already wet panties. Part of me wanted to make a move right there getting my girl/girl over with before we add a man to the mix. One thing is both of us were afraid of making a move first. We talked about sex and played truth or dare (we only did the Truth parts) on my cell. With everything answer I got more turned on. There was a point where I showed her a video I had of Mr. HM pleasuring himself and she got turned on. Watching her squirm was so much fun. But I so wanted to lay her on my bed and let my hand feel how wet she was to see exactly how turned on she was. *sigh* but nope I kept my hands off.

Him, her, and me ...FUCK YEAH!
So the time finally came for him to get off work and get home, so we headed over to his house. Once we got there the drinks came out for all our nerves. After Mr. HM got out of the quick shower he was taking when we got there he came out in navy blue shorts, hair still wet from the shower he gave both me and playmate kisses. Playmate was a little shy to him at first. Mr.HM is a hands on kind of guy. His hands did try to Wonder on plamate but she wasn't ready just yet still warming up to both him and I. At this point I couldn't help but feel me getting hot down there been wet all day with the thoughts of this and now it was going to happen ..soon things were going to take off. It was like sitting in a rollacoster just waiting for it to move.. I swear my skin could feel touch more easily, my heart pounding faster. My lips plumping at the anticipation of tasting everyone..(fuck getting wet reliving all this damn u people LOL)
So Mr.HM kisses me again having his hands explore me they know there way around pretty well lol. Feeling how much this all turns me on he touches my breast cus he knows that's my turn me on sport then Playmate stands next to me and now I'm lost at who kissed who first but next thing i know I have my first girl/girl kiss and  OMG kissing a girl is freaking awesome (sorry boys) I love to kiss you too. But soft, slightly covered in chap-stick flavored, pretty pale, girl lips. That just seem made for mine were great. After that first kiss, I just wanted to kiss her again. After a short while the clothes came off. Her skirt..her shirt, my shirt, his shorts we were all naked in his living room. As her shirt was off I wanted to play with playmates soft breast, they looked different then mine but oh so soft and pretty. Its like a new version of the same toy you  have, you just cant help but want to check it out right ? Playmate did however get a kick out of the smile I get on my face when any mention of a cock or blowjob cums up. What can I say, I will forever love blowjobs. :)

The good stuff the bed room ..
So naked Mr.HM grabs,playmates hands who grabs, my hand and we all are lead into the bedroom Playmate gets on the bed and then I get on the bed and then.... sorry just like tv it cuts out at the best time I keep getting turned on so will take care of myself and get back to all I promise pt. 2 will be added soon.

Horny little,

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Questions Answered

From the very beginning of this I have Said I wanted to answer your questions of me. So here is my answer to questions asked on my old blog.

"When do we get see more naughty pictures of you?  Have you ever thought of doing vids of yourself and putting them up on like xtube or xvideos? "

First question soon but on this site I can't have any nude pics. Second question yes I have, My hope is for this blog to be more popular and to have the money to start my own privet website with a special area for my "true fans" full of great pictures for you all. 

1) What's the heaviest, hottest and dirtiest sexual experience you have had?
2) Where could one see more sexy pics of you?
3) Could you describe how you suck dick and get wet? ;)
4) What's the kinkiest thing you've done?

1) Just experinced a 3some and that was pretty fucking hot writting a post on it ASAP!
2) See answer to other questions.
3) I will make that my next post after the 3some ;) promise.
4) hmmm.... have to write about that too. So I can go into deatil.

Keep em cumming baby,